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DIY: Jewelry stand

Greetings internet!
Today I had the urging need to make something. And since I was in need of something to put away my jewelry in: why not make a jewelry stand?
This literally took me 10 minutes. And I’ll probably get a lot of use out of them.

Collage groter
1. These were some dishes and little pots that I bought in a thrift shop a couple of days ago.I payed around €2. I personally liked the blue porcelain, but you can use any sort of dishes. As long as you have varying sizes.
2. Next you’re going to need a glue gun or super glue. I’ve also used some washi tape, but you can leave that out if you want.
3. So, first I put the washi tape around the edges of the dishes.
4. Since the plates are round, it’s quite difficult to stick the tape to the borders. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect! I actually like the home-made look.
5. Than it’s time for the glue. Pretty self-explanatory: just glue the dishes to the little cups. I made just 2 layers, put you can make as many as you like.
6. The Finished product!

This was my first blog post ever. So any tips or comments are very welcome!

Happy Crafting!

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